We can provide you customized hats at bulk price for your business!

Hat bands are one accessory used to ornament a cowboy or straw hat. Our custom hat bands are just the thing to jazz up an old hat, or give a new hat a different look. No one will realize you are wearing the same hat. You can interchange these hat bands with all your blank felt hats. Our hat bands are a great accessory to decorate any straw hat, fedora, and other cowboy hats. And we have a large selection of hat bands, from hat bands for cowboy hats to fedora hat bands to hat bands for for straw hats with wholesale price.

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How It Works

Mostly, we have adapted a removeable hatband design. So every customer gets a great fit for their replacement hatband for their cowboy hat, fedora hat or straw hat. It's fast and easy and you can just take our hat band off and put it on a different hat. But for the grosgrain ribbon, it will be a little loose if not stitching it.

Wholesale Hat Bands

Looking to buy high quality hat bands in bulk to save money? The design and wholesale distribution of the Savana Hat has been our focus for over so many years.

From hat bands for cowboy hats to bands for straw hats, we offer everything in a great variety to choose from. Our selection of hatbands are designed for both men's and women's hats and include bead, bone, leather, and crystal hatbands, as well as a variety of feather hatbands. Great wholesale pricing with low minimums.

Please fill out the contact form or get in touch with us through the contact information. We will send you our wholesale requirements and information. We look forward to speaking with you!

Custom Hat Bands

Freshen the look of your favorite old hat with a new custom hat band from Savana Hat. These removeable hat bands are easily slides off, allowing for use on other hats. And it gives you a second unique look to your hat. These hat bands can be completely customized with styles, color, material, size, logo and so on. What customization is possible?

Hat bands styles

We have a large selection of hat bands styles in stores, from feather, horsehair, turquoise, leather, braided, ribbon to hand-beaded crystal beauties to grosgrain.


You may request a matching ribbon hat band in almost any of Pantone colors.


Measure the circumference of your hat see what size works best for you. We will cut them to right size. And we also supply some adjustable hat bands to fit the hat easily.

Hat Bands Suppliers

Our mission is to be a leading provider of high-quality hat accessories. We value tradition, craftsmanship, and authenticity, offering durable hat bands for your business. You can choose from leather-like styles with studs, buckles, plates, and rivets, metallic accessories, bows, and more! Whatever your preference, our hatbands will help you express your individuality.


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