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Wool Felt Blue Fedora Hat For Men For Wholesale


This blue fedora hat features a classic curled brim and a teardrop crown. Its 100 percent wool body and water- and stain-resistant treatment that makes it excellent for cold and inclement-weather wear.  If you feel it is too tight or too loose, you can adjust the size by adjusting rope. It's a great gift for that fashionable on trend friend of yours. breathable, lightweight, and comfortable for all-day wear. Easy to care-cleaned with horsehair brush or soft shoeshine brush, a slightly damp cloth, lint roller, and a dry cleaning sponge for stains.

Due to lighting and monitors, there is a small difference between the picture and the real hat product. So you can get a sample to check quality before bulk order.


  • 100% Australian Wool Felt
  • Blue Fedora Hat
  • For Men
  • For Wholesale

Your Customization:

This blue fedora hat can be customized completely to your liking.



Custom Fedora Hat

The fedora hat can be customized completely. As we are a hat manufacturer for custom hats, we use the quality materials and we can make the hats to your liking. Get these quality fedora hats and have your company logo displayed on the hats. Are you ready to create your own custom fedora hats?

Custom Hat Styles

There are exactly more than 100 hat styles for men and women. It can come in a fedora, as well as cowboy hat, outback hat, trilby hat, porkpie hat, bowler hat, or pencil brim hat and more.

kinds of felt hat styles

Custom Hat Colors

The customized color offers up to hundreds of Pantone colors, like light blue, royal blue, dark blue, teal, sky blue, navy blue, yellow and more.

custom fedora hat colors

Custom Hat Bands

We can customize the band or change the band for your color. We have more hatbands to chose from for your custom made hat.

More Custom Options

The customized hat can also come in customized logo, care label, tag, brim lengths and more.

more custom options


Fedora Hat Manufacturer

About Savana Hat

Since 2009, Baoding Savana Hat Co, Ltd. has been a reliable hat supplier and wholesaler in China. We are on a mission to bring all kinds of quality hats into the world, which may improve your business. We create lasting high quality hats in bulk production runs. All our felt hats, straw hats, cloth caps and fashion accessories are one of a kind beautifully designed products in China. We put our heart and soul in every design and production of each hat.

fedora hat manufacturer


Specification Of This Blue Fedora Hat

Styles Fedora Hat
Material 100% Australian Wool
Color Blue
Size Custom Your Size
Logo Custom Your Logo
Crown Teardrop Crown
Brim Upturned Brim
Hatband With Bowknot
Gender Mens
Age group Adult
Feature Blue Fedora Hat
SKU #101016008001

People Also Ask

Are fedoras still worn?

The fedora has seen a rise and fall in trends throughout the years but it has made a big comeback, becoming a staple in any person's closet today. At the end of the day, your hat can be as stylish as it's always been — you just need the right outfit, and there'll be no question if they're still in style.

Why do people wear fedoras?

Fedora hats were the practical choice for most, worn to protect a person's head from weather and wind. 

What is the difference between a fedora and a trilby hat?

trilby vs fedora hat
Difference Fabric Brim Crown Wear Usage
Fedora traditionally, higher-end, durable material: wool or felt a wide brim size varying from 2 to 4 inches teardrop crowns, diamond crowns and many more a true gentlemen style. be worn slightly over the eyes upscale occasions. keep the elements off the wearer
Trilby less expensive material: often tweed or straw narrower brim often curled up on the edges trilby has a pointier crown than the Fedora more casual. be worn on the back of the head providing no practical purpose other than being a trendy headpiece

To learn more, please click here trilby vs fedora.

Cheap Bulk Fedora Hats

Looking to buy high quality fedora hats in bulk to save money? We carry very cheap priced bulk wholesale of fedora hats. Whether you're looking to make a large fedora order for your own retail business, or perhaps you want to buy direct for personal use, you come to the right place.

So many wholesale fedora hat products are offered for sale on savanahat.com. We are always updating our hats every season. You will find some of our most popular styles and colors. Whether you're looking for a custom cowboy hat, fedora, or wide brim, our 100% wool felt and straw hats are designed to your customers, which may improve your business.

If you want to get the wholesale price and the details for your favorite hats or just request our free hat catalog. Please contact us.

Top Reviews

head portrait  Alfred from United States
5 stars verified purchase

Love my hats so much. I ordered it with specific dimensions.

head portrait  Jim Beau from United States
5 stars verified purchase

Another top quality fedora hat from this maker made to my specifications.

head portrait  Gary Thompson from United States
5 stars verified purchase

This blue fedora hat... is amazing! quality of the felt is amazing, the craftsmanship is outstanding!

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