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Hat Size Chart


Maybe you have found a perfect hat for yourself, now it’s time to make sure it fits you. Without a proper fit, your hat may fall off and not offer the sun protection you need or fit too tightly, which can be uncomfortable. So how do you determine your hat size? Now this hat guide will walk you through the hat size chart guidelines (including adult hat size and children hat size), measurement suggestions, some common size questions and some hat brands' size chart, such as Stetson hat size chart, New Era hat size chart.

How to measure hat size? It is known that different suppliers do in fact follow different sizing metrics. So, the chart, although universal, may vary from one hat maker to another.

Many companies provide unique sizing charts for each of their hats. We try to have as many of these charts across all our sun hats. Despite that, we decided to take this a step further and offer the closest thing to a universal metrics system that caters to both men and women. That said, and without further ado, please find below the hat sizing charts along with instructions on how to measure your head circumference in order to determine which hat size to go with.

Determine Hat Size

Women's hat size

In general, women's hats are sized in one size fits most sizes. This means that the style is manufactured in a single size with the adaptability to suit various head sizes ranging from 21.5 inches to 22.25 inches in circumference. With that being said, actual hat sizes vary from designer to designer. Some hats will fit a smaller or bigger head depending on the style. Some hat styles will have an adjustable inner drawstring or band to keep the hat in place.

Men's hat size

When you shop for hats for men, you will typically find them listed as one size only. Sunday hats, fedoras, caps, and others fall between 21 and 24 inches for men. It can be difficult to find the right hat for a larger head size, which is why custom sizing matters. Carefully measuring your head is much better than using a hat sizing chart, however you can use both methods to determine your size.

Generic hat size US hat size Head size in inches Metric size
XS 6 5/8 20 3/4 53
Small 6 3/4 21 54
Small 6 7/8 21 1/2 55
Medium 7 22 56
Medium 7 1/8 22 1/2 57
Large 7 1/4 22 3/4 58
Large 7 3/8 23 59
Extra large 7 1/2 23 1/2 60
Extra large 7 5/8 24 61
XXL 7 3/4 24 3/8 62
XXL 7 7/8 24 7/8 63
XXXL 8 25 1/8 64
XXXL 8 1/8 26 1/2 65


Children hat size chart

Fit is so important when it comes to picking a child's hat. Below is a table of children hat size chart.

Generic hat size US hat size Head size in inches Metric size
Small 6 1/8 19 1/8 49
Small 6 1/4 19 1/2 50
Medium 6 3/8 19 3/4 51
Medium 6 1/2 20 1/4 52
Large 6 5/8 20 3/4 53
Large 6 3/4 21 1/8 54
Extra large 6 7/8 21 1/2 55
Extra large 7 21 7/8 56


How to Measure Your Head

When it comes to finding the right hat, size matters. Properly measuring your head size will determine your hat size and ensure that you get the perfect fit. The best hat will not only look good, but it will feel good. Before you buy, try these easy-to-follow steps.

Items You Need:

Measuring tape;

OR ruler and a piece of string;

Step 1: Wrap the tape measure (or string) around the largest part of your head until the two ends meet at the center of your forehead just above your eyebrows. Firmly hold the tape or string mid-forehead with your finger, not too tightly or too loose. The goal is to determine precisely where your hat will sit for the most comfortable fit. Take note of the measurement from your measuring tape and use it to find your corresponding size on the hat sizing chart below.

If you're using a ruler and string, proceed to step two.

Step 2: Take the string from your head, being careful to hold onto the end point so you have an accurate account of your head size. Measure the string with the ruler. Compare the measurement to the hat sizing chart below to find your corresponding size.

head size measure

Things To Keep in Mind

Hats and headwear are like any other clothing item in that they will vary between manufacturers. There will always be minor differences, sometimes even between two of the same sized hats.

If you want to be sure of the right fit, you are welcome to use our hat sizing tips above and once you have determined your size, we are happy to measure the hat in question for you before sending it out. If you are still concerned, you might consider going one size up from what you think your size is, and then adding in some of our hat sizing tape, which is great for minor size adjustments.


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