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What Is a Flat Bill Hat


The question "what is a flat bill hat" is often asked! Do you ever get confused by the term "what are flat bill hats"?Well, here is a simple guide to help with your confusion. You can find the answer below.

what is a flat bill hat

What is a flat bill hat?

We call it "a flat bill hat" because the snapback hat or baseball hat has a flat bill/brim. Flat bill hats seem to be one of the most trendy style of caps going in and out of style every few years. While typically popular with the younger crowd, you might see older generation wearing them as well depending on their popularity.

Why do people wear flat bill hats?

The flat bill hat is a staple of style in the hat world.  Curved bills were practical; athletes used them to keep the sun out of their eyes when pitching and batting. Of course some people still prefer an old fashioned curved bill, and we don't hold anything against you. It's just that a flat brim hat looks better. It's a stylish statement that is perfect for the fashion world.

Custom Snapback With Flat Bill for Wholesale

The custom flat bill snapback hats are a staple of style in the hat world. The flat brim hat is a great starting point. Of course some people still prefer an old fashioned curved bill, and we don't hold anything against you. It's just that a flat brim snapback hat looks better.

We can offer many custom flat bill snapbacks products for wholesale. And it's important that the name of the game here is customization.

A wide variety of custom flat bill snapback hats options are available to you, such as character, striped, and image. You can also choose from 100% acrylic, 100% cotton, and 100% wool. As well as from embroidered, plain, and applique. And whether custom flat bill snapback hats is adults, or children.

Flat Bill vs Curved Bill

The reason players even wear ball caps is to be able to block out the sun and sometimes the lights at night.  That is the functional purpose of the hat.  In previous generations, players would bend the brim, or the bill, of the cap to get more coverage over the corners of their eyes.  This style of bending the brim is how most hats are made and designed to be worn, as they provide more shade over the eyes that way.

There is a difference between a curved bill, a flat bill, and a slightly curved bill.  The slightly curved bill is by far what I believe should be the most common and most used.  Unless you are wearing sunglasses on the top of your hat that you want to have a completely smooth and flat surface to lay on, then there needs to be a bend in the hat.  Maybe not to the extent of how fashion trucker hats can look, but at least so that water would run off the sides and not make a puddle right over your head.

Each player wears his hat a different way, but there is definitely a right and wrong way depending on who you ask.  Old timers will tell you to bend it, younger players today will want to keep it flat.  It all comes down to comfort  and what you think looks best and fits well.


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