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Flexfit vs Fitted Cap


There are some basic items to think about once preferring flexfit or fitted caps. Lets be clear on the key variations.

The question "flexfit vs fitted cap" is often asked! So What's the biggest difference between them From Factory's Point of View ? You can find the answer below.

What is flexfit?

In the cap factory, we call it a "flexfit hat" when the hat owns the lack of closure mechanic at the back.

Although for the many the enclosure is exactly what gives the snapback more of an edge; without the fastening at the back, you have a much cleaner crown with more style potential for custom designs. Hengxing Caps Factory love designing fitted baseball caps.

Fitted caps have no mechanism to adjust the size of the cap and have closed backs, with no opening. They are not adjustable.

What size flex fit hat should I get?

The flexfit hats come in different sizes (XS to XXL depending on the item) and have stretchable fabric that wraps around your head. You should measure your head to make sure you get the best fit…like any other type of fitted clothing.

So What's the biggest difference between flexfit and fitted hat From Factory's Point of View?

The answer is: there is no difference. Yes, it's none. It's just the different name. It's the same hat from factory's point. So everyone got it?

Who wears flexfit or fitted caps?

Teams and leagues love flexfit or fitted hats as part of their uniforms because of the tailored, clean look.

Fashion oriented sports enthusiasts and individuals (including many celebrities) also like fitted caps because of their clean look and higher quality appearance…especially with flat visors or brims that have a more urban look.


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