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5 Panel vs 6 Panel Hat


The question "5 panel vs 6 panel hat" is often asked! Do you ever get confused by the term "5 panel or 6 panel hat"? So What's the biggest difference between them From Factory's Point of View? Well, here is a simple guide to help with your confusion. You can find the answer below.

5 panel vs 6 panel hat

What is a 6 panel hat?

First, the term "PANEL" refers to the crown of the hat. When we talk about 5/6/7 panels we are talking about the crown of the cap.

6 panel hat

Ball cap crowns are traditionally made of six triangular panels sewn together in a round shape. As seen on the model, this creates a seam running down the middle of the front of the hat. This is the style referred to as a six-panel.

What is a 5 panel hat?

Printers, embroiderers, and other artists began demanding caps be made without the seam, allowing for uninterrupted images on the front of the hat. Thus was the darted front panel introduced, replacing two panels with an oddly shaped one that would serve the purpose without the seam. The end result is the five-panel cap.

5 panel hat

Five-panel would also come to refer to the camp cap, but that's an entirely different style of construction.

camp cap

So what's the biggest difference between 5 panel and 6 panel hat from factory's point of view?

The answer is the front panel quantity. Except this, the important thing is that no pattern can be printed in the middle of the six panel caps because of the front seam.

What is a 7 panel hat?

We call it a "7 panel hat" when the hat has 7 panels like image below.

7 panel hat


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